Welcome To Aecentus Ltd

Aecentus Ltd is an independent engineering consultancy providing the highest level of analysis and measurements services to both Mechanical and Structural Engineering companies. Our client base ranges from local companies to international organisations. We provide the complete range of measurements / data acquisition and finite element analysis services from simple components to complex multi-body welded structures.

Our engineers are highly qualified with in-depth analytical skills and extensive experience in problem solving, machinery/structural design, analysis, data acquisition and failure investigation. We only use the most respected Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) and Hardware.

  • Aecentus work with clients at all stages of a product’s life cycle
  • Preliminary design evaluation
  • Prototype analysis
  • Weight reduction analysis
  • Product development
  • Design optimisation

Aecentus have extensive experience of welded fatigue analysis and failure investigations in both the mechanical and structural engineering sectors.

  • Eliminate / minimise premature failures
  • Predict and maximising service life