Structural Calculations

In addition to pure mechanical design and calculation, Aecentus are competent in the evaluation of structural calculations.  Typically this will involve the application of structural codes such as British Standards and Eurocodes.

To perform structural calculations we use many techniques dependent on the application;

  • Modelling dynamic effects, e.g. moving machinery
  • Simulating impact and shock loading
  • Evaluation of elastic/plastic behaviour (limit state analysis)
  • Sub-modelling of detailed complex features
  • Enveloping logic for complex multi-load cases

Plant Machinery and Building Loads


This project required the detailed static – dynamic – fatigue analysis of a large plant machinery installation.

VDV framework 00 - applied loadsThe outcome of the successful design was achieved using a mixed approach, bringing together FEA results and traditional hand calculations to specify structural members .  The Building’s spaceframe was subject to high-cyclic machinery movements and to ensure a safe structure, the building was analysed using enveloping logic to conveniently determine worst case conditions, behaviour and ultimately used to predict its service life.

Storage Vessels

wind speed around tank colours2Large storage vessels (silos, tanks) are subjected to very high loads and pose a serious risk if poorly engineered. Hence consideration of all possible loads and combinations is vital. The tank design begins with pressure vessel hand calculations to specify loads, stresses and material thicknesses. Certain loads are applied according to various standards, e.g. wind pressure, where pressure coefficient is a function of the location on the tank circumference relative to wind direction. The appropriate loads then are modelled mathematically and applied to a finite element model to analyse detailed junctions.