Dynamic Analysis

screen 01 - FFTDynamic analysis is the study of the behaviour or response of a structure when subjected to various types of excitation loading. Natural frequencies and their mode shapes (frequency spectrum) are the frequencies at which the structure shall respond and vibrate freely. These are very important in dynamic analysis and their prediction is the essential first step in determining true dynamic response of a structure. Depending on the type of excitation loads experienced by the component or assembly, we provide the following different types of dynamic analysis –

  • harmonic analysis
  • transient response analysis
  • frequency response analysis
  • random & shock response analysis
  • response spectrum analysis

Once the dynamic response of the structure is predicted, then an evaluation of stress, deformations, and ultimately fatigue analysis can be determined.

screen 6Frequency Response: An industrial screen for the quarry industry. A frequency response and FFT spectrum analysis help to fine tune the frequency spectrum of the screen in order to improve its dynamic behaviour and weld fatigue life.

Roto-Dynamics: High-speed cutting drive shaft. Using roto-dynamic behaviour in order to optimise the stiffness of the driveshaft and blades during a cutting operation.

Shock & Impact Analysis: Brick Mould Impact Table was used to evaluate machine framework’s fatigue service life when subjected to severe impact loading.